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The Price of Blenders

There are two kinds of blenders. There is the top blender and the newest one which is much lighter called the hand held blender. There are differences in their features and this is what sets the price of these blenders very far apart.

Let’s first talk about hand held blenders. Some of the biggest names include Cuisinart, Faberware and Toastmaster. The price range of these three are within the $11 to $30 price range with speed variations from a single to 18 settings.

Then you have brands like Braun, Black and Decker, Hamilton Beach and Oster that sell their blends in the $35 to $50 range. It has the same speed settings like the first but comes with a pulse feature thrown in and have a capacity between 40oz to 56oz. For $5 to $10 more, you can get those that have larger capacities.

The price of blenders gets higher because of both the quality of the materials used and the motor capacity. You will have to pay $70 to $100 to get that and some of the best brands to watch out for are Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Hamilton Beach, Oster and Waring.

For added features and a 60oz container, you can get these in the $125 to $175 price range. These include multiple jars, several attachments and sleek looks.

But you do you really need these multiple features? This probably depends on who you ask. Someone who is in the food business and operates from the home will probably say yes because most high end models act as a mixer and a food processor. It is able to crush ice and other hard food items as well as protect the user from flying particles or splashes so it is worth the price.

But if you are just using it to stir or mix things then you can stick with something basic that does not go above $100. For those who want a challenge, go for something in between and don’t worry because these blenders all come with an instructional booklet while some have videos.

All this information should teach you how to mix bread dough and milling grain aside from just making fruit juices or milk shake.

Should you have problems, most blenders carry a 1 to 2 year warranty but the high end models have slightly longer ones.

The blender has been around for almost a century and there is nothing yet in the market that is able to replace its usefulness in the kitchen. While the price of the blender is the concern of many, it is best to look beyond that because there are other things to consider when you play to buy one from the store.

These include the capacity, its wattage, the features, sturdiness and controls. These are things you have to ask yourself each time you examine one when you look for these at the appliance store or online. If you are able to find the right blender, pay for it and then bring it home.

The price of the blender is reasonable if you are able to use it for 5 years or more without any problems. Of course, you have to clean it so it stays in tip top condition ready for the next cake, concoction or recipe that you will make.

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